Nothing But Net & Nothing But Drills (DVD)


“Nothing But Net”

is a comprehensive look at the art of shooting. By breaking the basketball shot into its basic elements, Coach Magee vividly demonstrates how hands, arms and legs work together to make the perfect shot. “Nothing But Net” is filled with countless tips that can only come from a coach with more than 50 years of playing and coaching experience. Topics covered in “Net” include shooting hand, the guide hand, proper use of the arms, and getting proper from the legs. After each topic, “Magee’s Keys” help to clarify each tip and provide new and helpful information.

Run Time: 58 minutes

“Nothing But Drills”
was developed as a powerful supplement to “Net”, giving every player easy-to-follow and valuable drills they can use to “practice with a purpose.” Most of Coach Magee’s drills are designed to simulate real-game experiences, and all of them can be practiced at home or in the gym. Coach Magee’s most popular drills include the 33 Point Drill, Seven Spot Shooting, the X-Drill and the Lay-up Drill.

Run Time: 74 minutes

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