The Art of Shooting (DVD)


The “Shot Doctor” shares the key elements of the shot, how to teach them to your players and how to make them better shooters.

  • Learn proven techniques for teaching the art of shooting to your players
  • Teach players how to analyze each missed shot to understand why they missed and how to correct the error
  • Learn drills for rehearsing essential shooting mechanics and two plays for getting your best shooters open


In this presentation, Coach Magee breaks down the art of shooting into four points of emphasis to teach and become a great shooter.

You will learn the key elements of the shot, how to teach them to your players and how to make them better shooters.

Coach Magee begins with an introduction of shooting mechanics, shows how to identify errors in technique and how to teach a proper shot. It's important for both the coach and player to understand “why” a shot missed so that corrections can be made.

In this presentation, the shot is broken down into four elements:

  • Shooting Hand – Learn proper hand placement and span for great control of the ball. Discover effective methods for self-evaluation, the four noises in shooting, three key points about the position of the ball and holding your release.
  • Guide Hand – An often neglected component of the shot is the guide hand. A bad shooter most likely is not using the guide hand properly. You will learn the critical elements of hand placement, the point of release and how to “fix” a player's misuse of the guide hand.
  • Legs – Footwork is just as important as the shot itself. While Coach Magee acknowledges differing philosophies of shooting footwork, he explains his proven technique and why it's the most effective.
  • Target – No matter how good the shooting form and technique, if a player doesn't aim for the right spot the ball will not “swish” through the net. Coach Magee's technique is simple to teach, simple to assess and provides simple fixes after a missed shot.

Once you've developed great shooters, it's time to give them opportunities to succeed. With over 1,000 wins, Coach Magee knows how to get his players open shots. He closes out the session with a couple of plays designed to get shooters open – including a play the Golden State Warriors use to get Steph Curry a great look at the basket.

Coach Magee will tell you he's in the Basketball Hall of Fame not because his teams relied on a “system” to win over 1000 games – it's because his teams could shoot better than their opponents. Making shots leads to wins. In this shooting clinic, you will see why NBA players and teams that need shooting guidance have called on Coach Magee for more than 30 years.

Produced at the Fall 2014 Philadelphia (PA) clinic.

Runtime: 76 minutes

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